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Devils Tower, Part 27
The sharp, staccato rattle of an air ratchet greeted me as I pushed aside the heavy steel door and stepped into the garage. I shielded my eyes against the blinding white lights, a stark contrast to the dim lighting of the half mile long tunnel that linked the garage to the residential building. The sound stopped for a moment, then started again, over and over in quick succession. I parted my fingers and squinted through the glare. What I saw made me drop my arm to my side.
Filling my vision, a gargantuan rig stretched from one end of the garage to the other, its cockpit nearly touching the ceiling. Its bullet-shaped front end was clearly designed for speed, despite the vehicle's size. Single axle in front and three in the rear, it sported beefy, knobbed tires taller than my 12 year old protégé. The boy approached the mechanical behemoth like it might try to eat him.
Strapped to the cargo bed was a sight I thought I'd never see again: Corra. She looked like a baby turtle ridin
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Devils Tower, Part 26
[Disclaimer: Some offensive language]
The dim hallway was dead silent save for the taps of my own footsteps and the low, oscillating hum of the building's air handlers, which did little if anything to freshen the stale, humid air. To my left, a sound like a woman in pain stopped me in my tracks. Labeled 3.7, a faint sliver of yellow light shone through the gap under the door. Then came a thud, followed by a man's deep, menacing voice. I clenched my fists on instinct, though I was powerless to help. Men who abused women were lower than scum. The man spoke again, only this time his words were clear, and the woman shrieked, but not in pain. I felt my face go warm with embarrassment. I shook my head roughly, wishing I could un-hear what I just heard, turned on my heals, and kept walking. I winced from the pulsing throb between my temples, now worsened. Brilliant.
The other rooms I passed were dark and quiet. It was nearly midnight, after all. I had been unconscious for a full twelve hours.
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Happy Halloween!!
Asher stepped back, chewing on the end of his thumb while he looked me up and down, like a sculptor scrutinizing his latest work of art. I sighed. This was all his idea. I suggested offhand that it would be funny if he dressed up like a zookeeper for the annual Halloween shindig at the clubhouse, and he took off with it. Now, here I stood, sweating in a furry lion costume. I blew a tuft of mane hair out of my mouth. He expected me to go outside like this?
Asher grinned from ear to ear. "Perfect! You look adorable."
I looked at myself in the mirror. The majority of the costume came from Halloscare, but Asher added a few creative touches of his own. The whiskers were made from pipe cleaners. I refused to let him paint my face though. "I feel ridiculous."
He wrapped his arm across my shoulder and leaned into me in front of the mirror. "Lighten up. It's Halloween, you're supposed to feel a little ridiculous."
His costume was perfect down to the last detail. Even his azure hair didn't look
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Devils Tower, Part 25
[Disclaimer: Offensive language]
Seven stood there for about half a minute, her mouth agape, her green eyes wide and blinking. I gave her time to process everything I'd just told her. The inn, Zero's shop, the Smugglers, the Derelicts, not to mention A's abilities and rapid healing. It was a lot to take in.
"Holy shit," she heaved as she slumped backward onto the desk, the rusted metal legs creaking under her insubstantial weight. "You're not shitting me, right?"
I shook my head. "I wish I was."
"Holy shit," she repeated. Then she squinted her eyes at me. "Why didn't he tell me any of this?"
"That's the thing." I glanced toward the door. Somewhere on the other side, A waited by himself while we talked about him. I hoped the walls were too thick for the boy to hear our conversation. "I don't think he knows."
She stood upright and swept her hands back over her head, blowing out a long breath. "This is crazy. Impossible." She poked her index finger into the center of my chest. "And you kn
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Devils Tower, Part 24
[Disclaimer: Offensive language]
Dim, orange lights illuminated the narrow maze of hallways. The air was thick and smelled faintly of mildew and sweat. Around the next corner, an open door beckoned, set in an alcove off the right wall. Yellow lighting inside painted a broad cone onto the concrete floor. I instinctively felt for my pulse cannon, but my hand came to rest on my empty belt. Seven and her men had confiscated all my weapons, presumably while I was passed out. Even the hidden ones, leaving me feeling a little violated. My situation wasn't all bad, though, despite the absence of morphine. Whatever meds they pumped into me seemed to be keeping the more adverse effects of withdrawal at bay. Yet the cravings still gnawed on the back of my mind like a tick. I pressed myself against the wall and peered around the corner. The room looked and sounded empty, at least the parts I could see. On the wooden door - actual wood? - the brass room number - so wasteful - read 2.12, like the me
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Devils Tower, Part 23
[Disclaimer: Some offensive language]
The cool evening breeze blew across my face, thick with humidity and the sour scent of garbage. I glanced down the dark alley, left and right, confirming we were alone. After the raid, Zero was too weakened by his injury to walk back on his own. I had offered to remove the bullet lodged in his shoulder, but he refused. Something about 'keeping bones,' which I assumed meant not looking soft in front of his friends. It also apparently meant that I couldn't be seen in his presence again. So here we were, a block from the Castaway's base, surrounded by fetid trash, and probably worse, judging by the smell. Were the kids using this place as a damn toilet?
"So," Zero said, clutching his wounded left shoulder and averting his eyes. He bounced on his heals and blew out a breath through pursed lips. He clearly had more to say, but at this rate we'd be here all night.
"So," I repeated, crossing my arms.
The kid chuckled nervously. "Umm, so," he looked at the
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Mike Metheny
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Full time dreamer, part time writer. My works include science fiction, fantasy, horror. and erotic romance.

"We stand alone
In rising water we find a home
We exist to be all the things that you are not
We are the lost"
~Necessary Response, For All The Lost

(Sorry, I do not do requests.)

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Hello, boyos~

I like Jar Jar, okay? I hope everyone is having a nice 2018! It's only been a week, but I'm getting positive vibes so far. Knocks on wood. My new job is going well. In December, I was hired as a real employee instead of just a temp. I'm getting along well with my coworkers, and though the work is stressful at times I don't dread coming in every day. I feel like I can be myself here.

This ties into my goals for 2018. I'm trying to open up more in real life, to put myself out there. Contrary to my online persona, I'm not open about myself irl. Like, at all. I really want to change that. I'm a little nervous, so I'm taking small steps at first. But I'm hopeful!

If anyone is interested, I created an Instagram account all about meee:… My main Instagram for photography is still:…

Devils Tower is going slowly but steadily. Things have changed - for the better, imo - and I've been stuck on trying to figure out how to make it work. But I'll persevere! :eager:

Best regards


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